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REGISTRATION IS OPEN FOR SUMMER CLASSES… Here's what you need to know:

DMACC has begun our strategic migration from the current Web Info System to Banner Self-Service 9 within myDMACC. As mentioned in previous communications, users will be provided the opportunity to access the new Banner Self-Service 9, live in production, but will also be able to use the old system, in parallel, in order to adjust to the new functions and features.

Click your DMACC role using the top menu (Student, Faculty, Staff).

On the left Menu:

  • Users will continue to see "Web Info System", also known as Web Info Sys or WIS.
  • A + sign on the right of the "Web Info System", button indicates that users can expand the section to see the WIS Navigation Menu.
  • A new image will appear "Banner Self Service". This is the new Banner Self Service 9, live in production.


Users may continue to access features in the WIS section or use the new Banner 9 Self Service, live in production, as features migrate to the Banner Self Service tab. Any changes made within the WIS and Banner Self-Service are REAL and will replace any old data that has been saved previously. When the project is completed (expected September, 2022), all features will be migrated to the Banner Self-Service 9 platform.

Faculty and Staff will have the opportunity to complete training on Banner Self Service via SafeColleges beginning September 21st, while Students Banner Self Service training will be available early in October.


TSA Instructions TSA Instructions

  • Complete Electronic FERPA form if directed in the "Alert" you got when you signed onto the student portal. This alert will continue until this step is completed. If you are a returning student the FERPA form will only need to be completed once every 5 years. You will get the alert if one is required, you will not get the alert if one is not required. You will continue to get the alert until you have completed the electronic FERPA form and have acknowledged any FERPA Alert messages in the "My Messages" area when you log into the myDMACC portal. Once the FERPA form is completed students can delete any FERPA messages from the "My Messages" area.

  • As soon as you have logon credentials please check your DMACC email, and then check it regularly moving forward. DMACC email will be the official communication tool for your course. You can also call, or text, your instructor if, and when, you need to. You can find your instructors name and contact information in the "Your Instructor" area inside your course. Communication is key between students and their instructors in the delivery of online courses. Instructors are there to help you so please reach out to them, stay in regular communication with them, and get to know them.

  • The preferred browser to access your class is Firefox or Chrome. If you are having problems the first thing to try is a different web browser. If you have problems with logon or access please contact DMACC Tech Support at (515) 965-7300 or (800) 362-2127 ext. 7300. Additional tech support information can be found at, https://www.dmacc.edu/helpdesk/pages/welcome.aspx. Finally let your instructor know immediately if you are having any problems, have questions, or need assistance.

  • Click on "Webmail" and view your DMACC email account. You will want to do this daily or at least several times a week.

  • Click on "Office 365" and explore the tools available. All current DMACC students have free access to the full Microsoft Office 365 suite. Students can download the suite to their devices at no cost.

  • Click "Blackboard" and explore our online learning management system where you will access your course. New students will have access to Blackboard approximately 10 days prior to the start date of your course. Returning students will have access to Blackboard, and all resources available in the student portal between semesters. Actual course link(s) will appear 1 day before the course start date(s).

  • New Students should complete online Blackboard Orientation. It is required in CRJ301, Introduction to Homeland Security, in the Week 1 Folder. Resources are available in each course to access Blackboard Tutorials or you can enter Blackboard via the tab in myDMACC and select "Tutorials" in the "Quick Links" box on the left. The orientation can also be found at https://www.dmacc.edu/online/pages/tutorials.aspx. If you are a returning student you are encouraged to review the Blackboard Orientation, as it is a good refresher prior to the start of the course.

  • All TSA eBooks are integrated into your course in Blackboard. Follow the instructions provided in your course "eBook Information" announcements to access your integrated eBook. In the event you have a problem please contact your instructor as soon as possible so the issue can be resolved. You will have access to your course in Blackboard, and your eBook one (1) day prior to the start of your course.

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